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5 Reasons to Hire an Acoustic Consultant

Sound quality and soundproofing has always been important in buildings. In recent years acoustic building science has gained more attention. Whatever building project you are starting, taking acoustic into consideration ensures a life-long protection from environmental and mechanical noise, noise intrusion, privacy, intelligibility and sound quality.

Here are five reasons you should hire an acoustical consultation for your project.

1. Improved Noise Insulation

Whether it is a commercial office, a healthcare facility, a school, a hotel, a factory or a residential building, the most pressing concern is always going to be reducing, or preferably eliminating, the amount of noise that leaves or go into a space. You're obviously going to want to ensure that everyone working in the space can concentrate on their work, patients can be at peace, student can learn undisturbed and people can sleep calmly. It has been shown by scientist that improving insulation and thus reducing environmental and mechanical noise can improve productivity, make students concentrate better, and obviously have a good night’s sleep.

Check out these authority and scientific references on noise impact:

2. Avoids Costly Mistakes

Building projects constitute a considerable financial investment. If noise becomes a problem after having occupied the building, you might need to add in new walls, floating floors, or a double ceiling, and that's before considering soundproofing materials and the mechanical installations. Not only this constitutes a considerable investment, as opposed to having integrated those strategies in your original construction, but this will also cause disruption to the work and residential place that can sometimes be unacceptable. An acoustical consultant can help determine how to integrate the best solutions at the lowest cost while not compromising on comfort.  

3. Best Use of Materials

An acoustical consultant can help save you money. You'll need to buy plenty of soundproofing materials, and an acoustical consultant can help you specify them for your project and deploy them most efficiently. This will mean making the best use of those materials, and that means not having to pay for more material than you really need.

4. Reduced Risk of Vibration Problems

One thing that people don't often consider when dealing with sound issues is that vibrations can cause just as many problems. Even if you block sound from escaping, vibrations can still make it to other parts of a property. As well as being disruptive for other spaces and even neighboring buildings, those vibrations can cause structural damage as time goes by. As such, you should hire an acoustical consultant to help deal with them.

5. Superior Sound and Intelligibility Quality

Finally, keep in mind that an acoustical consultant will be able to optimize the performance of your space, resulting in higher intelligibility, better privacy, better sound quality and higher music performance quality. You want people in your space to understand each other, while having privacy where needed. You want your auditorium, projection room, studio and music hall to have superior sound qualities. Hiring an acoustical consultant is always a vital part of making that happen. 

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